Tuesday, September 21, 2010

SURVIVOR CROP - Calling All My Crafters!!

I am hosting an island...but won't be unless I can get some gorgeous (or handsome) bodies to fill the table.

Come and craft with me....you do not have to be a scrapbooker and you do not have to stay there for the full 24 hours...I sure will though...as will Big Daddy. So...come and join me!

What is it?
This energy filled event is to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness, Research, and Education. All proceeds to benefit the San Diego Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I believe each and every one of us has been touched by someone with breast cancer or perhaps had a personal experience.

For me, this is a personal endeavour to honor a few people I know have been touched so deeply by others...and a couple that still battle the disease. Together, we can fund increased awareness...perhaps pay for a mammogram for someone who cannot otherwise afford it. Maybe our money can be used to help with treatments...maybe even fund research to find a cure.

Join me won't you? I will be there. I need only 5 more bodies that can sign up and promise to raise money...$125 dollars is what you promise to raise. Together we can meet and surpass our goals.

Did you know that $125 will pay for a mammogram? Trust me...lack of insurance doesn't mean that person is lazy or won't seek help for themselves. Let's help...let's give back.

Ok, so how much is it going to cost me??
$110 per person, non-refundable.
BUT- you can transfer your fee to another individual if you cannot make it!
Find out more about Survivor Crop by clicking on the title to this post.

I will post more about my reasons why I am doing this shortly.


Monday, August 30, 2010

And So They Grow

I have to be the biggest baby.

No, really.

My youngest starting kindergarten today. I already did this with my eldest son, but for some reason today was just so much more emotionally charged.

Will they remember to give him his enzymes?
Will they keep him cool?
Will they be sure to offer him salt?
Will they be kind to him?
Will they?
Will they....?
Will they.......?


So much had to be done to get him to this point. The medication forms, the IEP, the this, the that...then there is me...dragging my feet...not wanting him to grow up. I have to. He needs to.

I picked up the medication form, took it and him to school. The school nurse so friendly, assured me he would be fine and that it would be hardest on me. She just had one of her three sons head off to college this past weekend...another learning how to drive... She said she was feeling the same way, offered me candy (I would have preferred a stiff drink) and a tissue. She let me hang around outside to make sure things went OK with his enzyme administration.

Not only did Kai take his enzymes just fine, but he went out to the lunch area with the rest of the kids and fed himself his sweet potatoes then drank his Boost. I swear he puts on a show just for me...so I feel needed....that has to be it.

All this...so mom can grow up too.

I love being a parent. I love being a mom. I am going to miss my little baby. He hasn't been that little baby is such a long time. To me though, I will always see my boys as my babies. How do my parents do it? Here I am, grown with my own children...do they still see me as that little baby holding her toy carrot?

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Thursday, November 19, 2009


I can't help it. When I sit down at the computer and decide to start typing...telling a story...I find myself holding back so much. So much of the things I want to say...so many of the words I want to share.

How hard can it possibly be to come up with a title for a single blog? Shuh!

So here I sit...wondering what I can share with you today.

On my computer is the cutest picture from Halloween. It is of Kai while at school. He is wearing jack'o lantern glasses. So precious.

Troi is sitting in his room at his desk. Working on homework that could have been done sooner. I say could have been only because he has one set of school books for home. I spoke to the librarian and she said if she has extras we can have another set for his dad's house. I will see what his dad wants to do about that.

I don't mind having him homework away after he comes home from his dad's. I actually enjoy the questions..."What is the climate in Egypt?" My answer...probably hot. lol

Kai is watching Spongebob in my room. He is waiting for my iPod so he can watch a movie on it. It's getting some "juice" since it was in the red zone all the way home.


I am tired and would love some sleep.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy forgot to come the other night.


This is a fundamental no-no in my book.

In our electronic age, I tried to explain to my nine year old that perhaps the tooth fairy didn't get my email...or with the unusually moist climate the last few nights, maybe the tooth fairy didn't want to chance getting stuck in a storm.

Well, bottom line is...the tooth fell out that day and daddy forgot to tell mommy so mommy could make sure that the tooth fairy came.*sigh*

To make up, the tooth fairy left a hand made card and wrote a note to Troi that she/he was sorry about missing. That the last few days have been unusually busy and that she/he was "swamped". To make up, she/he left TEN dollars! So, this morning I was informed that the tooth fairy did not forget again and that a note was left. As Troi shared the note with me, he made sure I knew that the tooth fairy was stuck in a swamp so she/he could not get out to take care of business.

I think I have saved a believer.

Phew- that was a close one!

his brings to mind the numerous times I tried to earn extra cash by making paper mache teeth, cutting small pieces of paper into tooth shapes, even taking small stones that looked like teeth and putting them under my pillow. I never was able to fool the tooth fairy into leaving me any cash. I was however afraid that when I actually left a "real" tooth that I would get overlooked. After all, isn't that the moral of the story "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"?

Never in those futile attempts at fooling the fairy did I ever think that there wasn't a fairy. I just figured she was damned smart to not be fooled by me.

Here's to hoping that Troi's teeth never get overlooked again and that the busy schedule the Tooth Fairy is keeping eases up a little. Like me, she/he has probably worked 3 weeks straight with no day off. *sigh*

Oh, the tooth fairy also signed the note "Love, T.F." Which Troi lovingly thought meant "Troi F." ha ha ha. I said no, I think it means Tooth Fairy. Isn't that cool that they have the same initials?!?I thought so.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Water Fun

IMG_2635, originally uploaded by Michellene.

The only downside to Flickr is you can't blog more than 1 photo at a time. So- what I will do it link the title to this one to the photo set with all the photos I took of these boys today! :) How's that sound dear reader? Like a plan? Yep, thought so! :)

Pool Time

IMG_2632, originally uploaded by Michellene.

Troi and his best bud CJ had a great time in the pool today. I rested with Kai. Napping at a late time of day. Which meant I woke up to the sound of laughter and some special rocket ship sound effects. Enter Troi and CJ- two rambunctious boys playing in the pool.

They had a great time playing in the late afternoon hours. The light of day was ebbing and I had to break out the camera.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all those mom's out there. From my Moms to my Mother In Law...to my friends that are now mom's...

To my Moms Julie and Bridget- I love you both so much and appreciate how you have set aside your differences and embraced loving me and my children together. You're both excellent Grandma/Nana.

To my Mother In Law - thank you so much for being such a great Mom to me and Jerome and an amazing Granny!! You're so thoughtful in every way.

To Jennifer - Thank you for getting me knocked up. You are a super mom in the truest sense and I am shocked at how much you can do in one day and still be sane.

To all those other moms that have touched my life in so many way...this is our day and I am so thrilled to be a part of it with you!

All my love!


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sky's the Limit

Originally uploaded by cf.sucks.
Troi just had outpatient surgery yesterday. The only tell tale signs that anything is amiss is a scar you can't see and a walk like John Wayne.

Love and distraction or a combination of both are quick healers. My parents bought Troi an airplane. It's a remote controlled plane that flies very well. It also repairs well. My Dad made many repairs in his few hours here at my house.

Finessing landings was the hardest lesson learned this evening. The last venture brought the plane down in the neighbors back yard. Thankfully they do not have a dog lest my Dad and son would have been kibble for sure.

Thank you Mom & Dad for coming down to cheer Troi up. He's feeling well and that Orange Chicken from Panda Express was a winner too!

Love you!


Originally uploaded by cf.sucks.
This is the Kai man. He loves cameras and any within reach are easy targets. He knows just what to do with them!

The future of photography is in the tiny hands of this little fellow.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Originally uploaded by cf.sucks.
Well, I am 37 today! Yippee! My 9 year old son just had minor surgery yesterday and we are all doing very well!

My Dad, Mom, and 2 of my siblings (Esther and Stephen) came down to visit Troi but to share the day with me! What a treat.

Next week is the official party...to ring in my newfound age...

I am actually feeling older today but I think it's because I am just tired!